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Subweapons required:
Upgrades required:
Min HP:
Max HP:
  • Allow .smc for normal rom
  • Added flags input
  • Randomized rom file name now based off seed, flags and version
  • Bug: fixed normal rom giving a different weapon for randomized subweapon drop, during the post-defeat animation screen
  • Bug: if Gravity Beetle frog ride armour has a capsule, move it left so we can get the item inside
  • Bug: default upgrades required now set to 4
  • Bug: prevent Blizzard Buffalo heart tank having a capsule (todo: have capsules play nicely when on ride armour)
  • Bug: Bosses stuck in an infinite loop if their HP >= 128
  • Bug: Zero would spawn with 0HP in Zero Mod after swapping
  • Release
  • Tornado Fang walls breakable by any subweapon
  • Enemy damage/health multiplier
  • Upgrades scavenger hunt
  • Enemy rando
  • Skip Intro
  • Always show items in Stage Select
  • Subweapon scavenger hunt
  • Random boss HP
  • Random boss weakness
  • Random player HP
  • Random enemies
  • Chaos colours
  • HSL random offsets
  • Gameboy green/grey
  • Virtual boy
  • SNES grey
About Chips
  • You can get all the body part chips, and the hyper chip
  • The 4 body part chips' requirements stay the same (requires their associated upgrade)
  • Hyper chip requires the other 4 body part chips
Convenience changes
  • Select+B lets you exit a stage
  • Quicker leg upgrade shot
  • Can get and use ride armours without the Chimaera ride armour
Other notes
  • I highly recommend the HSL colour option
  • Options prefixed with * are affected by the seed

Download Randomized ROM Download Zero Mod Manifest
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